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Enamelling is the fusing of glass with metal by heating to about 800C.There are many techniques for applying the enamel to metal​

There are two types: transparent have a jewel-like appearance caused by light reflecting from the metal beneath; opaque hide the metal but colours appear stronger.​

The results are always unique, no two pieces  being the same. 


Enamelart is a creative workshop producing art work using vitreous enamelling techniques.  Jane uses metalsmithing and vitreous enamelling techniques to produce light switches, wall art, bowls and jewellery. She is a Craftsman of The Guild of Enamellers.


Decorative light switches are an unusual idea in the UK.  Jane was aware of their popularity in the USA, mainly of the plastic stick-on type, for children and teenagers, picturing rock bands and football clubs.

Enamelart light switches are very different.  They are made of vitreous enamel and like to masquerade as little works of art.​